Goldau & Noelle

Next to our home, the forest is the perfect place to find peace. Even better when the best of both worlds come together. This is made possible by the furniture manufactory Goldau & Noelle . Through minimalist design and natural materials, the duo has already worked its way up to the „Schöner Wohnen“ reader circle. We think that the philosophy of the brand is determined by dedication and genuine craftsmanship. For the redesign, we therefore developed a color world based on nature. This is contrasted with a contemporary sanserif, made of clear geometric shapes. By eliminating superfluous decorative elements, the result is a strong communication that focuses on the brand products. I was allowed to work on this project under the direction of Marken von Freunden Agency.


  • Logodesign
  • Corporate Design
  • Interface Design
  • Printed Media