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That´s me, Lucas Guenther.

– Welcome to my Work

Hey my name is Lucas and I am a Münster-based graphic designer. Throughout my career,
I was able to gain work experience through my work at Studio Oeding. Furthermore, I have
had the pleasure of working on a variety of projects – ranging from visual identities, movies,
packaging, illustration, web design to motion graphics. Although
my personal focus is set on editorial work, I always enjoy exploring new possibilities and
challenges. I am also a passionate photographer. Especially the love for the sea guides me through my work.

In 2017 I developed our first independent surfing magazine, called Pulk, as part of the collective Binsurfen. Pulk is a thumb-thick magazine about surfing. Over 220 pages of content and a format that is already flirting with the Din A3 size. Reduces mysterious title impressions: Maybe it is also a comprehensive reference book. In the history of surfing magazines, a smaller format, with less volume, has actually been chosen. The cover story of the first issue focuses on the Baltic Sea as a surfing area. Surfing and the Baltic Sea are two complicated journeymen. The Baltic Sea, with its shallow depths, can rarely seldom offer picture-book conditions for this sport. So we can not see expected acrobatic clichés. Instead, the people and moods are portrayed in an easily recognizable and restrained language.


„And suddenly there it is again: the heartbeat, that carries life into the smallest cellulose cells. PULK is teeming with life. 224 pages of it. Authentic, steering away from clichés. Away from paradisiacal beaches usually associated with surfing.“

– Get Wet Soon


More information about Pulk and how you can be a part of it you will find here:




I am also a passionate photographer. Especially the love for the sea guides me through my work.

So I am proud to be a part of the book Surf Odyssey by Gestaltenverlag. This publication documents the modern cult of surfing as its own subculture and way of life. There s much more to surfing than palm trees and beach boy clichés. I also had further publications of my photos in Geo Sasion, November 19 or the tourist office Visit Sweden.


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